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 Chocolate Tamales 4" 1.2oz (34g)
 Milk_Tamale_small Dark_Tamale_small White_Tamale_small
 Milk Chocolate Tamale Dark Chocolate Tamale White Chocolate Tamale
 Milk_Mint_Tamale_small Dark_Mint_Tamale_small White_Mint_Tamale_small
 Milk Mint Chocolate Tamale Dark Mint Chocolate Tamale White Mint Chocolate Tamale 
  Peppermint Chocolate Tamale 

 Decorative Tamale Gift Bags
Each bag contains 2 pcs. ea. of Milk, White, Mint Milk, & Mint White


 8 pc. Fiesta Bag


 8 pc. Valentines Bag


 8 pc. Halloween Bag


 8 pc. Christmas Tree Bag



 8 pc. Stripe Bag


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