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 Used Candy Cases
Royal 6' Candy Cases
 Case Price $4000.
If Bought Together $7000.
 Royal_Candy_Case_1-1_small Royal_Candy_Case_1-2_small Royal_Candy_Case_1-3_small 
 Royal_Candy_Case_2-1_small Royal_Candy_Case_2-2_small Royal_Candy_Case_2-3_small 

 Kinetico TS600
Reverse Osmosis Water System


 Kinetico2_small  Kinetico3_small  

 Complete Unit

 Front View

 Side View

 Kinetico4_small  Kinetico5_small  Wellmate1_small  

 Side View

 Manufacture Tag

 119 gal Bladder Tank  

 In good working condition

 If New - $5500.00
Used - $2000.00 
or best offer

 Great for restaurants that want to make their own ice!


Ardco Doors & Frames

Robbie Shrink Tunnel

 Robbie_1_small  Robbie_2_small  Robbie_3_small
 Robbie_4_small  Robbie_5_small  Robbie_7_small

 Model: R-133-HD

 110 V :1PH Dimensions 20x32x19

 Used: $650.00


Wearner Extruder

Werner1_small   Werner3_small Werner2_small 

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